Signature Extreme 360° 90 Min.
Developed to maximize the skin’s beauty by acting on the most sensitive areas of the face, this treatment is designed for mature, dehydrated, tired and dull skin in need of an extreme solution to fight the signs of aging. In addition to an eight-step skin care ritual to assist in the skin’s recovery, it includes a specialized bio-collagen treatment mask and back and scalp massage. This is a true pro-aging experience from start to finish.
€ 250.00
Essential Bespoke 90 Min.
Our Essential Skin Care Ceremonies are customized to suit individual needs and skin conditions. Whether you are looking for softening and hydration, refreshing and toning, detoxification and purification, brightening and spots reduction, or a return to youthful-looking skin, your expectations will be achieved.
€ 230.00
The Island Glow Facial 90 Min.
Our signature facial restores radiance to dull, dry skin while leaving the entire body relaxed and refreshed. The comprehensive treatment not only targets impurities and inflammation on the face but also releases tension and toxins through a series of hand, foot and scalp massages as well as a lymphatic drainage massage over the décolleté, shoulders, neck and face. Nourishing and refining ingredients such as seaweed, broccoli seed oil and raspberry seed oil are enhanced by deeply hydrating oxygen algae infusion that visibly improves the skin’s moisture levels, softens fine lines and leaves skin looking radiant.
€ 200.00