Le Guanahani 90 Min.
This indulgent full-body massage invites you to “let go” with an overall effect of deep calm and relaxation. Executed with gentle but firm, fluid and enveloping movements, it provides comfort, reassurance and a sense of inner peace. This massage also includes extra attention on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, head and face for an even more complete sensation of abandonment, while helping on an emotional level by calming the mind, promoting relaxation and relieving stress.
€ 230.00
St. Barth Sensory Experience 90 Min.
This uniquely customized treatment focuses on releasing chronic muscular tension, mental fatigue and stress. It combines various techniques, such as gliding, kneading and long sweeping strokes, to warm the skin and muscles and keep the body relaxed and free of toxins. The deep tissue massage acts not only on the superficial muscles of the body but also on the deep muscles and fascia (connective tissues that support the muscles and other bodily structures). Combined with locally sourced aromatherapy oils, including lime, basil and pimento leaf, it improves energy flow around the body, shifts blockages, and provides relief from stiffness and pain.
€ 230.00
The Rising Tide Massage 90 Min.
Like a wave that runs through the energy pathways of the body, this transformative massage promotes a state of total well-being. The full-body treatment is performed on a unique quartz-infused floating bed and consists of enveloping and modeling the entire body using deep palm and forearm pressure, and free-flowing strokes inspired from the Lomi Lomi massage. Stress, tension, pain and muscle soreness float away and energy flow is restored.
€ 250.00