Return To Balance
The Carib people who settled St. Barth believed in balancing the body’s temperature through hot and cold compresses to relieve the symptoms of various illnesses. This lost remedy treatment delivers a unique and authentic sense of place experience. It begins with a refreshing salt foot soak infused with corossol leaves. The feet are then exfoliated with a sugar cane scrub and massaged with an essential oil blend featuring Indian wood balm oil, which is widely used in the islands for its cooling properties. The treatment continues with a highly beneficial cooling wrap to improve the overall appearance of the skin, followed by hot compresses of ginger, lemongrass and mint, all incredibly effective in releasing blocked energy and relaxing the muscles to minimize muscle spasms and tension and help maintain the warm-cold balance that is the foundation of Creole medicine.
€ 340.00
Ouanalao Ritual 150 Min.
Inspired by the warmth of the sun and the magic of St. Barth, this unique olfactory journey of the Caribbean offers deep relaxation and a total release. The ritual begins with a warm foot bath scented with lemon verbena and exfoliation using a blend of tamarind pulp and willow bark, whose AHAs and salicylic powder effectively remove dead skin cells to leave feet soft, smooth and glowing. Next the face is thoroughly cleansed and gently exfoliated with marine-based products. Soothing and cooling eye patches are applied to the under-eye area and a hydrating blend of kelp- and vitamin B3-enriched moisturizers is applied to the rest of the face. Finally, a relaxing massage using coconut oil fragranced with Soursop focuses on releasing tension and clearing areas of congestion in the body.
€ 380.00